Prison Playbook

Title: Prison Playbook

Genre: Drama, Ensemble Drama

Leads: Park Hae-Soo, Jung Kyung-Ho, Lee Kyu-Hyung

Premise: With only days before his major league baseball debut, pitcher Kim Je-hyeok unexpectedly finds himself behind bars. He must learn to navigate his new world with its own rules if he wants to survive.

Rating ★★★☆ (3.5)

Describe the show with a hashtag: #FunButLongJourney

Reasons to watch

  • Great cast
  • Superb story telling
  • Lots of character development
  • Some very very funny scenes
  • Life lessons
  • Jung Hae-In *swoon*
Reasons to skip
  • Kinda long: most episodes are almost an hour and a half and there are 16 episodes

Verdict: Definitely worth the watch, especially on 1.25 speed 😉

We all need a friend like lee Jun-Ho


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