My Man Is Cupid


Title: My Man is Cupid

Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

Leads: Jang Dong Yoon, Nana, Park Ki Woong

Premise: Cupid falls for a woman who is VERY unlucky in love. Is their romance destined or doomed, with a serial killer on the loose?

Rating ★★★ (3)

Describe the show with a hashtag: #CGAyeyaiyai 

Reasons to watch

  • Good looking cast
  • Well-written female lead...mostly
  • Good "palette cleanser" drama (when you're in a K-drama slump)
Reasons to skip
  • Weird pacing


I picked this drama because I wanted an easy watch. Nothing too dramatic, but with a good plot and cute. It kinda checked all those boxes, but the weird pacing threw me off a bit. There weren't any major cliffhangers, and they started revealing things early in the drama, but somehow, although it felt like a lot was happening, the drama wasn't progressing at a steady pace. 

My second issue with the drama was despite showing the female lead making smart choices, they thought it was fitting of her character to go to a secluded space after getting a text from a kidnapped woman's phone. I understand the context of her thinking, "If there's any chance this really is her, I want to help," however, did she really not consider it could be the killer sending the text? She was a witness, and the cops had made it clear that her life was in danger. At the very least, she should have told her boyfriend or the cop where she was going or ask them to stealthily follow her. I found that whole plot very annoying.

For the positives, the leads were cute, their chemistry was okay and the love triangle wasn't terrible and toxic. The secondary characters were kinda fun too. I wish An Do Ra and Chun Dong Koo could have ended up together.

Conclusion: It's not a bad watch, but I won't rush it to the top of any to-watch lists.


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