Oh My Venus

Title: Oh My Venus
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Leads: ‎Shin Min Ah, So Ji Sub
Plot:  When her boyfriend of fifteen years breaks up with her for gaining weight, Kang Joo-Eun gets help from Kim Young-Ho, an incredibly perfect personal trainer, to get in shape and turn her life around.
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Describe the show with a hashtag: #DontGiveUp


Kang Joo Eun was a beauty in her younger years but time and life has happened and she is now an over worked, overweight lawyer that isn't completely happy with her life. Her one bright light is her boyfriend of 15 years who happens to break up with her on their anniversary, and not just that, she finds out that he was seeing someone else. Joo Eun then determines to lose weight and coincidentally meets Kim Youg Ho, a famous personal trainer and after some blackmailing, she convinces him to work with her. Young Ho has some personal issues that cause him quite a bit of stress (taking over the family business, building a relationship with his father and health issues) but he finds himself loosening up more and more with Joo Eun and they develop a beautiful relationship.

My Feelings

This was actually one of the first few K dramas I watched and years later, I remembered loving it but couldn't remember why, so obviously I watched it again (duh!). After re watching, although I remember why I loved it so much, I also think I loved it a little less after having a few more dramas under my belt (few is a gross underestimation). Anyway, I loved the chemistry between the 2 main leads and I fell in love with Shin Min Ah again, she's completely convincing in all her roles, no over acting here (if you haven't yet, you should definitely see tomorrow with you). John Kim's boys (Henry Lau and Sung Hoon) were absolutely adorable and kept things interesting. There is the typical dysfunctional family drama going on here but it was not overdone and did not distract from the story. Now, I do have 1 thing to complain about, Oh Soo Jin's character pissed me the hell off! She was an absolutely terrible person and I know how K dramas like you to sympathize with the "bad character" and I get it but I think she was let off way too easily! I understand she had issues of her own but my goodness, she was just so mean spirited and still refused to apologize first even after Joo Eun explained what she thought was a wrong done to her. Yes, no man can be stolen that wants to remain in his relationship but jeez, she was just too much, I did not enjoy her character one bit. I won't even get into Im Woo Shik, let's leave things on a happy note. Oh, I loved the nice twist that the strict grandma was not against their relationship at all and even asked for a wedding present ๐Ÿ˜‰and the scene with Joo Eun in her hanbok and her traditional song and dance was just priceless.


It is definitely a must watch, it was very enjoyable and I found it very encouraging, Joo Eun's line "if you're still hanging in there, you can make it" was so meaningful. The supporting cast was great and although the plot is a little predictable, it did not take away from the pleasure of watching the show, plus Henry Lau's character made it all worth it!


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