You're all Surrounded

Title: You're All surrounded
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance
Leads: ‎Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Go Ara, Ahn Jae Hyun, Park Jung Min
Plot:  After witnessing his mother's murder at a young age, Kim Ji Yong (Lee Seung Gi) becomes a detective in order to investigate his mother's death.
Rating ⭐⭐⭐
Describe the show with a hashtag: #MostUnluckyTeamEver

Plot (minor spoilers ahead)

This show is about 4 rookie cops and their short tempered leader...well, mainly about 1 of the rookies. Eun Dae Gu witnessed his mothers murder when he was about 15 years old and decides to be a cop so he can investigate the crime. He ends up serving under Seo Pan Seok, the police officer who convinced his mum to testify in the case that got her killed (or so they believe) and who Dae Gu believes was involved in his mothers murder. Eo Soo Sun is the only female rookie in the team and she happened to go to the same school as Dae Goo (formerly Ji Young) but doesn't initially recognize him. She is a strong, determined and compassionate woman who becomes Dae Gu's love interest. Ji Kook is a nerdy guy whose main reason for accepting the  position was to live in Gangnam, he becomes best friends with Park Tae Il, a mysterious ladies man with a secret past. The show follows the team as they learn their job, how to be a team and how Dae Gu discovers the truth about his difficult past.

My Feelings

I was still getting off my high of Hwayugi, (I am still listening to the OST), when I watched this show so obviously it didn't measure up, but judging it solely on it's own merit, it was adequately interesting. It was your typical police drama with a nice sprinkling of a slightly more than basic plot line, there were big reveals, but nothing too ridiculous. I loved watching Lee Seung-Gi and Cha Seung-Won together again, I always find Go Ara interesting, although most of her roles have been pretty similar. I found it funny how the team kept getting into trouble, they really must be the most unlucky set of people ever (the Korean red beans scene was HILARIOUS), the romance was cute but very predictable...yup, that's it.


This show was nice, nothing extraordinary, a nice palette cleanser if you're not looking to get too invested in a drama. Nice laughs, cute romance, good acting and a predictable but interesting plot.


Naija Noona


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