Lawless Lawyer

Title: Lawless Lawyer
Genre: Action, Legal Drama, Revenge Drama
Leads: ‎Lee Joon Gi, Seo Ye Ji, Lee Hye Young and Choi Min Soo
Plot:  When a thug becomes a lawyer, he takes advantage of the loopholes in the law to win cases and uses the law as a tool to exact revenge on those who killed his mother 18 years ago.
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Describe the show with a hashtag: #KickAssLawyer


Bong Sang Pil is a thug turned lawyer who uses loopholes in the law to win cases and doesn't hesitate to use his fists when the need arises. He has a sad history because his mum was killed in front of him when he was 10 years old and when someone sends him some ammunition that would help him get revenge against those responsible, he decides to move back to his home town to do exactly that. While there, he partners up with Ha Jae Yi, a strong willed and beautiful lady he's been watching because her mother saved his life when he was younger and a group of small time thugs to take on the powerful people that caused his mothers murder. Sang Pil and Jae Yi fall in love and face their shared past together.

My Feelings

I really enjoyed this show, it was a very nice mix of legal drama and action, there was romance but it wasn't overwhelming or distracting. I enjoyed the plot as well, it was a typical revenge drama but very well written with no plot holes. This show really gave us a proper villain, unlike other dramas where they "humanize" the bad guy and make you sympathize with them. Judge Cha Moon Sook seems to have no redeeming qualities, she's just power hungry and greedy, which makes her eventual downfall very satisfying to see. The chemistry between the leads was subtle but fiery at the same time, I think the fact that Sang Pil wasn't a "gentleman" nor was he pretending to be one and Jae Yi's character was also very strong, it just worked, no wilting flower here, they seemed perfectly suited to each other and were a pleasure to watch. As for character developments, I loved that Sang Pil remained Sang Pil, he was a fighter from start to finish, but not without depth, he's the perfect combination of heart, brains and brawn. I've had a mini crush on Seo Ye Ji since I saw her in save me and I wasn't disappointed with her in this show. She plays the strong on the outside but sensitive on the inside roles very well and was completely convincing in this show, her character was fun to watch and a very positive character that women can look to. A little hidden gem for me was Sang Pil's number 2 guy, Tae Gwang Soo, played by Kim Byung Hee, he was just a pleasure to watch, I really don't know what it was, he just seemed full of charisma, and his smile was quite something!


I thoroughly enjoyed this show, lots of kick ass fight scenes, great chemistry between the leads, great acting and well written characters, no dragging or crazy plot twists and interesting from episode 1-16. I highly recommend it.


Naija Noona


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