1% of Something

Title: 1% of Something
Genre: Romance
Leads: ‎Ha Seok Jin, Jeon So Min
Plot:  In order to get his grandfather's full inheritance money, a stubborn heir must date a strong-willed elementary school teacher for six months.
Rating ⭐⭐⭐
Describe the show with a hashtag: #MischievousGrandpa


Lee Jae In is a 3rd generation heir who has worked hard to build an empire for himself but his family wants him to return to the family business. In a ploy to make this happen, his grandfather changes his will to stipulate that all his fortune will go to his grandson only if he marries an elementary teacher he met coincidentally. Jae In then goes with his best friend and company lawyer to confront Kim Da Hyun, whom he believes seduced his grandfather in order to get his fortune but she completely denies it and makes is clear she has no interest in Jae in or his potential fortune. Jae In refuses to give up and is able to convince his grandfather to compromise by changing the stipulation to them dating seriously for 6 months instead and Da Hyun agrees by drafting a contract which states she will date him for the 6 months if he will make provisions for her suffering school and for a friend of her's who is breaking into the entertainment business. Needless to say, they fall in love for real.

My Feelings

I really do not have much to say about this show, it is as predictable as your typical contract love story, very little drama, no big reveals, your usual rich boy poor girl drama. The one thing I did enjoy was Lee Jae In's (played by Ha Seok Jin) forwardness, it seemed very real for a young couple dating in this day and age, no fake we can't touch or kiss behavior, but at the same time, the show didn't go overboard and forsake their traditional Korean chasteness, the kisses were "genuine" cute and although heated at times, very 13+. The 2 main leads had nice chemistry and the female leads character although "innocent" wasn't overdone. The show actually reminded me of My Secret Romance (both the initial hotel encounter scene and the female's personality, although I prefer Jeon So Min's character here).


Another average K drama, pretty cute, nice romance to watch and some funny scenes, nothing extraordinary.


Naija Noona


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