Moorim School

Title: Moorim School
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
Leads: ‎Lee Hyun Woo, Lee Hong Bin, Seo Ye Ji, Jung Yoo Jin
Premise:  A diverse set of students and teachers come together and show that education isn't only what you learn from books.
Rating ⭐⭐
Describe the show with a hashtag: #XmenWannabe

Plot *minor spoilers ahead*

Yoon Shi Woo is an idol with a bad attitude but with issues that run deep. Wang Chi Ang is a spoilt,  illegitimate chaebol who has been living apart from his mother and is determined to do whatever it takes to get her into the home he and his father live in. Shim Soon Duk is a poor girl who is very hardworking and determined, she works several jobs to take care of her blind father and secretly goes to Moorim school. Hwang Seon Ah is the daughter of the dean of Moorim and is also the best student as well as Soon Duk's best friend. Their lives become entangled when the two guys end up in Moorim. Shi Woo finds out more about his past and about why he has trouble with his ears, him and Chi Ang start out as enemies, become friends and then rivals, both in school and for Soon Duk's affections. Seon Ah is the mostly neutral party in all this but soon discovers that she has been living a lie for most of her life.

My Feelings

This show came off as trying too hard in my opinion, they tried to pull off a bit of an X men thing but I don't know, I just wasn't feeling it. It wasn't terrible to watch but it wasn't that great either. Cast chemistry was just okay, the main love leads were cute though. I first saw Seo Ye Ji in Save me and boy oh boy can this girl act! She gets right into her character and sells it with everything she has, she is completely captivating and she mostly made it worth watching till the end for me. This was my first introduction to Lee Hyun Woo and I wasn't disappointed, I added The liar and his lover to my watch list because of him. I found most of the other cast kinda bleh and they didn't really add to or take away from the show to me. They threw in a few gratuitous shirtless scenes and some overdone fighting scenes and that's the whole show. Oh and somewhere in the middle of the show, they completely changed Hyun Woo's hair and it was not awesome! I had to adjust my eyes to see him that way, I really do not get why they did that, just one more reason I didn't love the show haha.


All in all, this show is mildly entertaining at best, so if it is on your to-watch list, go ahead and push it down to the bottom, I would save it for when you're all out of shows (like that'll ever happen) or when you wanna background watch something. 


Naija Noona


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