Hwayugi - A Korean Odyssey

Title: Hwayugi - A Korean Odyssey
Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Drama
Leads: ‎Lee Seung Gi, Oh Yeon Seo, Cha Seong Won, Lee Hong Gi
Plot:  When a human woman can give great powers to any demon who devours her, how can she stay safe?
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4)
Describe the show with a hashtag: #SonOhGong


This story is about a group of demons and a special human who not only has the ability to see ghosts, but is also so special that if a demon eats her, they become stronger. The demon Son Oh Gong was locked up by the heavens for a crime he committed but convinced a young Jin Seon Mi to release him by promising to protect her when she calls out for him, however, Oh Gong, being a sneaky demon, then took away her memory of his name. Many years pass and they run into each other again and their intertwined fate that was put on hold begins to unravel. Ma Wa is a demon who is trying to become a deity so he can change the fate of a deity he loved who is being punished by being reincarnated as a human with a terrible fate time after time. The heavens bring it to their attention that a great evil will rise, and Jin Seon Mi will have to take care of it as part of her duty as Sam Jang (the ability that makes her a tasty snack to the demons) but due to a magical bracelet, Son Oh Gong is in love with her and cannot allow any harm to come to her. Their wills and that of the heavens collide in what may become the end of the world.

My Feelings

Oh boy, where to begin with this show. I love supernatural shows and this was done very nicely, but not at the price of a good story. Let's start with the plot, it was a beautiful and sad and funny journey, there was more than enough going on in each episode to keep you coming back, not just the story of the main leads. The characters were a pleasure to watch, every character was given a...character, they were not one dimensional and not just props for the leads, they had their stories, and they were given time in the limelight as well. The acting was top notch, we got to see a lot of the actors play very different characters so they were able to show off their acting chops and they did not disappoint. Coming from a place of pure emotion, this show was ALMOST everything, the story, the camera work, the soundtrack, even the costumes (I mean, those fur coats???) everything worked perfectly in sync to give you a show worth watching and re-watching.

I have 3 reasons why it's 4 stars and not 5, 1st there was a little bit too much of a back and forth in the romance between Sam Jang and Oh Gong, I understand the complications involved but I think the show would have been a little better if we were able to see them more as a couple and less of the push and pull, I understand that some of it was needed but it was a bit much for me. My second reason was the terrible graphics done with the dragon scenes, I mean come on, there was such a build up to the dragon and then the few scenes with it just fell flat, not on the actors part, solely on the graphics. Lastly, something about the main leading lady, Oh Yeon Seo, didn't work for me, I wasn't moved by her acting at all, I didn't feel any passion, I wasn't reeled in, if that makes sense. Seung Gi more than made up for it though, their chemistry felt genuine, I just wasn't feeling her....OMG, I cannot believe I almost left out Cha Seong Won, I first saw him in greatest love and I loved how over dramatic he was and I was not disappointed here either. He sure plays the arrogant but compassionate role very well, but his emotional side was nice to see, every time he saw his love, you could see him breaking down just by his expression, it was beautiful.


I would 100% recommend this show, I absolutely loved it and almost all the characters. Our Zombie girl that went from Zombie, to Bu Ja, to the nasty priestess, the pigs unending loyalty and compassion to her, the octopus prince, the winter general and the summer fairy, not to forget the dog secretary. All the characters worked perfectly together to bring about a well rounded cast and an utterly wonderful show that can definitely warrant a re-watch...after you go find everything Lee Seung Gi has been in haha...I'll be watching you're all surrounded soon (double bonus, both Seung Gi and Seong Won are in it, their bromance in this show was only rivaled by the bromance in Goblin).


Naija Noona


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