My Secret Romance

Title: My Secret Romance
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Leads: ‎Sung Hoon, Song Ji Eun, Kim Jae Young, Jung Da Sol 
Premise: An insecure nutritionist with a history she's ashamed of has a one night stand with a Chaebol and runs away the morning after. They meet again three years later when she gets assigned to work at his company. Although at first a little upset, Cha Jin Wook begins to pursue a relationship with Lee Yoo Mi as he never got over her.
Rating ⭐⭐✶ (2.5)
Describe the show with a hashtag: #Cuteish

Plot *minor spoilers ahead*

This show is about Cha Jin Wook, a Chaebol who is banished by his father to work his way up the company at one of their resorts as punishment for making headlines for partying hard and Lee Yoo Mi, who happens to be at the resort for her mothers wedding. When they first meet, they have a few negative encounters but eventually have an nice evening together with red wine and end up spending the night together...yes they had sex. Lee Yoo Mi wakes up first the next morning and runs away as she is so worried about doing something that's out of nature for her. They meet up again 3 years later when Lee Yoo Mi is assigned as a nutritionist in Cha Jin Wook's company. When he discovers this, he makes her life miserable by making her make his meals at all hours of the day, even on weekends, but it's just an excuse to spend time with her. Lee Yoo Mi who is upset about all of this complains a lot to her best friend Jung Hyun Tae, who secretly has a crush on her. We get to see how Lee Yoo mi and Cha Jin Wook get past their histories to end up happily ever after.

My Feelings

I was not too impressed with this drama but it was enough to occupy me during my bus rides. The story itself wasn't too bad, it was a take on cinderella, except Yoo Mi left behind a breast pad and not a shoe. The couple was cute but Song Ji Eun's acting didn't cut it for me. I know she was meant to play someone insecure and shy but it was overdone and I couldn't feel any passion coming from her, except in the scene where they had their one night stand. Sung Hoon on the other hand completely sold me on his role, I enjoyed watching him, he does silly romcoms very well. The tired plot of second love interests bonding and eventually coming together and the rich guy and poor girl did this show no favours but I got the vibe that they weren't taking themselves too seriously, which was the only reason I actually made it to the end.


If you're looking for a simple show without a lot of depth, a palette cleanser of sorts before you start your next drama, you can give this a watch, just don't get expect anything amazing. It's mildly entertaining at best.


Naija Noona


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