Tomorrow With You

Title: Tomorrow With You
Genre: Romance with a touch of Sci Fi
Leads: Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon
Premise: A time traveler unhappy with his future is convinced to get married to change his future. The story evolves around the couple and the male leads attempt to change the future.
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Describe the show with a hashtag: #RelationshipGoals

Plot *minor spoilers ahead*

This drama is about a young man - Yoo So Jun- who is a time traveler and CEO of a real estate company and his wife - Song Ma Rin, an amateur photographer. So Jun travels to the future and realizes he and Ma Rin are fated to die on the same day so he becomes interested in her life. After meeting with her in the present, they develop a friendship, which he breaks off after he takes a trip to the future and sees that he married her (he chickened out...cuz that's what guys do 🙄). He however rekindles their relationship after a fellow time traveler told him the only way to beat fate is to create another life. After hearing this, So Jun decides he will marry Ma Rin and have a baby and that would be that. In the process of pursuing her and getting to know her, he falls completely in love with her and it is the most beautiful thing to watch. Their relationship develops quickly but so realistically that you can't help but root for them to succeed. During the relationship, So Jun keeps traveling to the future to see if it has changed but finds that things didn't go according to plan.

My Feelings

I LOVED this show. It gave me ALL the feels!!! I have been longing for a Korean show with real passion between the couple and this show delivered!

My first indication that this would be a great show was the fact that they had their kiss in the 4th episode!!! I know, so soon right?? Not only that, it was a REAL KISS, not one of those resting my lips on yours with my eyes open kisses that we see way too much of in other dramas. A real, soft, heart melting kiss...his heart may not yet have been in it but you sure couldn't tell by that kiss.

I fell in love with Shin Min Ah in Oh My Venus and she didn't disappoint. She is so bubbly and her acting is so natural, you almost feel like she's really falling in love with her co star. This was my first time watching Lee Je Hoon and he did a fantastic job portraying a young, free spirited guy that was totally and completely into his woman and was not ashamed to show it.

Anyway, kiss aside, the chemistry between the leads was excellent, the plot line, although not super imaginative was pulled off wonderfully. The transitions from the present to the future were not confusing or hard to follow and the graphics were not over the top. There was character development for the rest of the cast, they were not one dimensional at all and the "villain" did an excellent job.

This show is a must watch. You have romance, comedy, drama and suspense all in one and it was quite the experience!


Naija Noona


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