Legend Of The Blue Sea

Title: Legend Of The Blue Sea
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Supernatural 
Leads: Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun
Premise: A mermaid and a man fall in love in both their past and present lives while dealing with the difficulties that come with being so different.
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Describe the show with a hashtag: #LoveNeverDies

Plot *minor spoilers ahead*

A top ranking government official, Dam Ryung, and a mermaid fall in love in the Joseon era but their love and the mermaids safety is plagued by a greedy, low ranking official who wants to kill the mermaid for her mermaid oil (apparently it was worth a lot). We see the two fall in love and suffer because of the greedy official. We are then transported to present day Korea where we meet Heo Joon Jae (played by Lee Min Ho) who is the reincarnation of Dam Ryung. He is a smooth talking con man who uses his lighter to hypnotize people, and Sim Chung, a cute but clueless mermaid who finds herself at Joon Jae’s mercy, as she knows nothing about the world she hasn’t found herself in. We see them falling in love, and watch both of them change into different but better versions of themselves all the while trying to hide Sim Chung’s true form.

My Feelings 

This show was filled with tons of funny scenes due to Jun Ji Hyun’s ability to enter into character completely, even if it is a silly one. Lee Min Ho’s acting as expected was superb and he played the two different characters convincingly. The plot was riddled with holes but wasn’t a terrible take on the little mermaid. The laughs and cuteness and couple chemistry made it worth the watch and omo, Shin Won Ho was so cute and huggable in this show! I loved every scene with him in it. 


Definitely worth the watch even if just for the laughs and to see Shin Won Ho play a cute tech genius with a crush.

One more for the road


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