Father I’ll take care of you

Title: Father I'll take care of You
Genre: Drama, Revenge Drama
Leads: Lee Tae Hwan, Park Eun Bin, Kim Jae Won, Lee Soo Kyung
Premise: Grown children return to their parents home with their families and secrets being to emerge while calamity strikes almost all the members of the family.
Rating ⭐⭐⭑ (2.5)
Describe the show with a hashtag: #FamilySoCray


This drama is about a family riddled with misfortune. The grown up children have to move back in with their retired parents, the mother doesn’t take it well, the father is hiding a lot of secrets and a strange man who seems to have a secret agenda against the neighbourhood moves in next door . In the midst of all this, two young couples find love and a family is reminded that the true meaning of family is being there for each other through thick and thin.

My Feelings *minor spoilers ahead*

Now this drama was filled with DRAMA and lots of it. I mean, if you think your family has issues, this family redefines issues. I have mixed feelings about this drama because apart from the fact that there was so much going on, I found it really hard to like some of the characters. They were being portrayed in a negative light most of the time but, my goodness they got me so mad, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t like watching characters I don’t like, especially if they are not meant to be the main “bad guy”. The love stories in between were cutesy but nothing super romantic (the usual limp kisses and head patting). Another thing I wasn't too pleased about was Oh Dong He, one of the main characters was a little to "docile" for my liking. She was being treated like trash by Bang Mi Joo (jealousy at its finest) but to such a ridiculous extent that you wanna just yell at her to stand up for herself! By the time she eventually does, you're nearly done feeling bad for her. Oh and don't get me started on Le Hyun Woo, I mean I know you're mad about your past but come on, don't you think your revenge plot was a little much??? Destroy EVERYONE in the family because you're unhappy with one? It was a stretch and it made his character unlikable. Lastly, I don't want to like the bad guys at the end! Why make everyone redeemable??? Why????? I spent 40 something episodes not liking them then you spend the next 7 or so episodes trying to make me like them. No thank you. The best part of this show for me was being introduced to this cutie below.

Lee Tae Hwan aka His royal cuteness


This drama was not terrible but it wasn't the greatest either. Very average, however it's 50 episodes long which I think is too much for an average show. Feel free to watch if you don't have any other more exciting shows on your to watch list.


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